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The only medium that photographers get to interact with their customers is through their work. So it becomes all the more essential that their work is presented in the best possible environment. Zenfolio caters to this segment of the market. So, whether you are a novice, hobbyist, semi-pro or professional, Zenfolio provides service to photographers like you who want to showcase their images to potential customers. All without the technical expertise and time needed to maintain a proprietary web site.

Ease of Use - Ordering Process:
With Zenfolio, it is like having your own web site, minus the costs of programming, on-going maintenance, and installation of a shopping cart for selling pictures, which can be both expensive and difficult to set up. The site has a wizard interface to help you get started. You can upload your images from your computer either using a batch upload or one at a time. The drag and drop uploader interface is pretty nice and uploading in itself is smooth and glitch free. Then there is optional HTML uploader as well if you do not have the required plugins on your browser for the drag and drop interface to work. You can also migrate your photos to Zenfolio from popular photo hosting sites.

With Zenfolio, it is easy to manage content with tree-view organizer, nested groups, galleries, or collections and many such aids. We loved the "Portfolio style homepage" as they call it complete with large slideshows and music. Your galleries come with many layouts and can accommodate even large image sizes and display with superb quality. All in all, a fully setup website looks very professional. And the best part is that you can achieve all this without being technically savvy. Even after all this eye candy features, the site still loads up quickly and without any lag or delay. We suspect some beefy Zenfolio servers to be at work to be able to serve web pages and stream videos so effortlessly. With the premium account you also get a fully integrated shopping cart with your own custom branding.

Sharing your photos and videos:
With its powerful sharing features, you can export selected photos to Facebook, Flickr, Animoto and ProShow. Share your work on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ . You also have the option of sending out personalized e-mail invitations matching your page design. Get separate links to download up to nine image sizes for every photo. With Zenfolio premium account, you get a fully integrated shopping cart with your custom branding along with other powerful seller oriented features that will help you in monetizing your work.

SEO Tools:
Visibility of your work on the web is of utmost importance so that you can reach clients who will be willing to pay for your photos and videos. Zenfolio does not disappoint on this parameter with a host of SEO features for beginners and pros alike. SEO functionality like highlighting which fields are important for SEO, automatic serving of sitemap to search engines, search-engine friendly HTML pages, friendly plain-text links to galleries and photos, and full integration with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to monitor traffic details are bound to make your life easier. This way you can focus on what you do best...shooting pictures!

We started out with the full featured 14-day free trial account on Zenfolio and the features on offer were very impressive. After the free two-week trial, Zenfolio offers three tiers of service: Basic, for $30 each year with unlimited bandwidth and a 4GB limit for image storage. If you maintain your subscription at the Basic level, you get additional 2GB of storage every year. The maximum file size for photos is 36 megabytes with the basic plan. What you miss out with the basic plan is the video hosting support. Then there is the Unlimited Plan which comes with unlimited storage, support for hosting high-definition videos and the ability to use your own domain name. The Premium plans come with everything you will ever need to sell your work online professionally. There are two such plans: Premium at $120/year for heavy users and Premium Business at $250/year if you have a full fledged photography business.

Turn Around Time:
Instant (Web based)

When it comes to getting a home for your photos and videos look no further. With Zenfolio, we are confident that you will find everything that you wish for and more to present your work. Treat your customers and friends to an online viewing experience that is truly worth it.

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