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With a growing number of photo sharing sites coming up, Phanfare comes across as one powerful service for sharing your photos and videos online. It offers a huge list of features and as many ways to integrate the service with other popular services you might already be using. With Phanfare, you can get your own website which does not only look great but lets you share your pictures and videos effortlessly with your loved ones. Let’s go into a detailed review to see if Phanfare delivers on its promise of being the "best way to display your photos and videos online."

Ease of Use - Ordering Process:
Phanfare gives you two weeks of free trial to get you started. With your account, you get a destination website for your album collection. It comes with unlimited photo storage, unlimited photo sharing and unlimited video besides the ability to create personalized URLs and share it with friends using the direct link to either a single album or all your albums. This lets you be in complete control and you get to decide who gets to see what. The web based up loader is easy to work with and integrates well with all popular desktop photography tools and applications. Phanfare plug-ins are available for iPhoto, Picassa and Adobe Lightroom amongst others which let you import your photos from these services.
Your fully ready site loads up very fast and even full HD video are streamed smoothly. Amazon S3 datacenters are at work here! You can have people visit your Phanfare site via email and share photos on Facebook and Twitter.
You can also include cool full-screen slideshows with your own music. All this might seem a daunting task for a newbie but it’s really a breeze with all the site navigation aids and the wizard based interfaces. Another cool feature is the support for Eye-Fi™ wireless SD cards with which you can hook up your compatible photo frame to the photos uploaded to your Phanfare account.
Though the photo upload limit will be adequate for most people, some heavy users will find the limit of 20 MB per image and video uploads up to 2 GB per file (or 20 minutes) to be disappointing and it would be great if this limit is raised.

Some other points which we found to be worth mentioning are listed below.
Support for full high-res photo album downloads.
Built-in image editorUpload music directly from iTunesSet download and print control options.
Secure your site with password.
Support for PC, Mac, iPhone besides other web services like Shutterfly, Snapfish, SmugMug.
Supports Lightroom, Apperture, iPhoto and Picasa.

You can get a fully functional Phanfare trial account free for two weeks. After that, Phanfare offers three different subscription plans. A basic plan for an annual fee of $29 with your own destination website at . Next is the premium plan at $99 per year where you get to view your site in your own domain besides some other premium features over the basic plan like full-size original photos, HD videos at 5 mbps and more. The top of the line Pro subscription comes at an annual fee of $199 and with it, you can set your own prices and earn money on prints, photo books, and gifts, all backed by Phanfare support.

Turn Around Time:
Instant (Web based).

With a bunch of powerful features to play with, we were very impressed with Phanfare and it offers great value for your money. We found it be truly the "best way to display your photos and videos online." Even in the highly competitive online photo sharing segment, Phanfare manages to beat the competition by some margin. Thumbs up from our end to Phanfare!

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